Download Catalog: SMIAB Box 3 – Roadmaps

Coming Soon! - See University Publication Calendar for Availability

Subject to change, this SMIAB Box is expected to contain a minimum of two program 'roadmaps', each representing a graphical, high level overview of a typical service management program's journey over a short term (30-120 day) and long term (120 days +) perspective.

The roadmaps are simple and visual, not text based, and designed to quickly communicate plans, goals and key deliverables on a timeline. They help set and manage stakeholder expectations, generate a shared understanding across the teams involved, communicate plans with other important teams/organizations, using high level titles for the deliverables. Again, they are NOT a project plan. Their design includes workstreams in separate “Swim Lanes”, Milestones of key events, may indicate areas of high risk, and dependencies.

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