101: Service Management Fundamentals

Also termed the USMBOK Foundation. This course provides individuals working within the service industry with a comprehensive understanding of service management concepts and methods based upon international best practice, and how to apply these within a service business or service provider organization to achieve customer centricity and continuously improving performance.

19 Lessons
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Course Materials

USMBOKF-01: The Digital Age and the Experiential Economy

USMBOKF-02: The Management Imperatives

USMBOKF-03: The Traditional IT Approach - 'ITSM'

USMBOKF-04: Introduction to the USMBOK

USMBOKF-05: Service Management Related Areas of Knowledge

USMBOKF-06: Principles of Service Management

USMBOKF-07: The Service Management Manifesto

USMBOKF-08: The Service Management Reference Model

USMBOKF-09: The Magic Number 42

USMBOKF-10: Outside-In Thinking

USMBOKF-11: The Service Management Framework

USMBOKF-12: The Service Product - Key Concepts and Methods

USMBOKF-13: Elements of the Service Management System

USMBOKF-14: The Supporting Lifecycles

USMBOKF-15: The Service Provider Organization

USMBOKF-16: Service Management Knowledge Domains and Knowledge Areas

USMBOKF-17: The Workforce Management System

USMBOKF-18: The Consumer Management System

USMBOKF-19: The Performance Excellence System