About Us

Our Mission

  • To educate, enrich and empower individuals working within a service business, service provider, or an IT organization, with learning on the origins, principles, and application of the service management thinking.
  • To ensure the learning is affordable, and accessible by as many methods as possible using the Internet.
  • To ensure the learning is current, relevant, and consistent with the needs and wants of professionals working and living within the ‘digital society’.
  • To provide a ‘social learning’ experience, enabling learners to interact with other learners, and have a voice in future developments.
  • To reward learner’s achievements with a combination of badges, certificates, and credentials offering industry recognition and respect.

How it works

The Service Management University is a membership based service providing access to the entire course catalog in exchange for a monthly, or annual subscription.

As a member you can enjoy a ‘social learning’ experience, networking, connecting with, and messaging other members.  You can ask and offer answers to questions on course topics, exchange comments and opinions, as well as join discussions in forums.

All course content uses a common language or lexicon for service management, as described within the ‘Guide to Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge (USMBOK)’ publication and reference.  One subscription – and access the entire catalog using your preferred device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Modern learning architecture

Course Development and Availability Roadmap

The course catalog is constantly being updated, both to ensure current course content is fresh and relevant, and to add new topics designed to meet the needs of the membership.  A calendar of the planned development, and confirmed availability of courses is available here at the University Course Roadmap page.  The roadmap typically offers a one year horizon, and a clear indication as to the status of the course.

Every member has a valued voice in what needs to be consider and included in the University’s course roadmap.  The support system (accessible via a dedicated and external website), is used to collect feedback on member needs, and votes as to the preferred priority of any service and course development.